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Leash Manners

Price (per dog): $129.00
Deposit (per dog): $20.00

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Is walking your dog a real “drag?” Does your dog walk YOU? This class will teach you and your dog basic leash manners, and how to heel nicely on and off leash. This is a special seminar class designed to give you the tools to teach your dog to walk nicely on leash.

Skills Learned

  • heel
  • side
  • let's go
  • closer
  • back
  • watch me
  • finish left
  • finish right
  • walk easy
  • touch


No prerequisites necessary. A flat leash and regular collar are the only tools you will need for this class.

Class Length

4 weeks

Reserve your spot in class with a non-refundable $20.00 deposit (the balance will be due the first day of class) or pay $129.00 in full online now.

Leash Manners Leash Manners
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