Special Services

Customized PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS can be provided (at additional cost) as an overlap to daycare. However, all dogs enrolled in our daycare learn good social skills, practice basic obedience commands and get plenty of exercise. As a result, your dog’s behavior at home will improve!

Are you concerned about how to "Crate Train" your puppy while you are at work? Ask about our PUPPY POTTY TRAINING SERVICE (extra fee)!

Dogs under 6 months of age should not be integrated with older, more assertive dogs. We happily provide PUPPY PLAY which ensures that your puppy receives appropriate exercise and is safely socialized to many new experiences!

*In order to enroll your puppy in PUPPY POTTY TRAINING OR PUPPY PLAY, you must follow your vet’s schedule of vaccines carefully. Spay/neutering must occur before they are 6 months of age in order for your puppy to merge into regular daycare.

We provide an additional Service that we fondly refer to as our MASH UNIT. We can provide rest, supervision or vet-approved exercise for dogs that are post-surgery or with special needs – whether your dog is elderly, has a physical disability or another health concern, we will work with you to meet your dog’s particular needs.

Special Services
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